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I think it can be any child that can be subjected to criminal exploitation. A spokesman for the centre would not comment on the issue of chicken shop grooming but said: "We work to tackle grooming as a whole, in all its forms and guises. Criminal gangs use a variety of methods to groom, coerce and control vulnerable children. Children are offered money, 'gifts' such as food and alcohol, or simply friendship, and then use sexual exploitation and violence as methods of control.

Barnardo's raises awareness among night-time workers, including those that work at fast-food outlets, to identify children who may be vulnerable and help them to understand how to keep them safe. Last updated Mon 12 Aug Share Tweet Reddit. However, this lot is the head girl and deputy and a few of the prefects, as badged up as a line of army generals. They've been dispatched by the school to give a bit of a boost to a project which they have been actively supporting.

The girls all quickly admit it's a bit far from their school for them to make it a regular thing.

Fried chicken is making our kids fat. Childhood obesity levels have tripled in the past 15 years, with more than one in three aged between 11 and 15 now overweight or obese. And there's a clear correlation between poverty, fast-food restaurants and weight problems.

The poorer an area the more fast-food outlets, and unsurprisingly so — that's where rents are lowest, enabling cash-poor businesses to cut their prices. And we know that obesity leads to major health problems in later life. Plus, the raw ingredients are better. But then we know all this. These chickens lead short, bitter lives of cramped ammonia-drenched darkness. All of which has made fried chicken ripe for gentrification in recent years. Once burgers and hot dogs had been given the pimped ermine-collar treatment, it was only a matter of time before chicken went the same way.

We wanted to bring it out of the doldrums. The Dalston hipsters who bought it at the pop-up were not going to be seen dead in the riot of blue and red plastic which was the fried chicken shop across the Stoke Newington Road. The arrival in Brixton Market of Wishbone last year, which specifically sells itself as a quality fried-chicken shop, was lambasted by critics, including this one, for being consciously exclusive; the high counters and bar stools made it all but impossible to eat in there with a buggy or if you had any mobility problems.

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Plus, the sauce-drenched chicken felt like a waste of free-range hen. The school kids of Newham, meanwhile, know exactly which type of chicken shop they belong in. The problem is that challenging kids' eating behaviour is not simply a matter of telling them the food is bad both for them and the chickens. Martin Caraher , professor of food and health policy at City University, has recently carried out research into the impact of fast-food outlets on child health for the neighbouring borough of Haringey.

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He acknowledges the value of the Box Chicken project, but wonders whether it could really compete. They club together to take advantage of two-for-one deals and the like. Eating in the school canteen is simply not cool. The team behind Box Chicken do acknowledge the problems.

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The original plan had been to serve a healthier form of fried chicken, but they concluded they had to provide a distinct alternative; that they couldn't challenge the chicken shop model. In any case not everything about these sorts of businesses is negative. There's an assumption that they are big corporate ventures.

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It's not the case, four-fifths of them are owned by independents. In areas such as Newham, with high levels of deprivation, that is obviously a good thing. On the downside what they sell has the potential to seriously damage the children who are buying it. Giles admits he's had "busier days".

Still, he's managed to get hold of halal chicken and that's given trade a bump. On day one I had pointed out the cheap chicken-shop meal deals. Shortly after 3pm a large group of Year 10 girls — and year-olds — arrive in the distinctive brown jackets with yellow piping of St Angela's. Retrieved 25 April Evening Standard. The Guardian.


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