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The black square logo is intended to represent the same, and is an elegant inclusion on their product. Out of the box, Q. It was the first time I had seen this and thought it was a nice touch. Additionally, on a recent business trip, I found them useful to contain outfits for each day of my travel for easier packing. When you get Q. The use of square buttons, western style button snaps, and contrast stitching give Q. The dress-shirt style collars with inserted collar stays really present well and will continue for the life of the shirt.

It includes contrast stitching, and square Q. A reflective white stripe down the right sleeve will stand out even off the course. The quarter zip fleece also includes a neck gusset for extra warmth. The fit of all three tops is very true to size, and you can feel confident ordering in your normal size selections.

Lastly, my favorite piece of the bunch is the Alpine Trouser. These pants are water, stain and wrinkle proof. These are the only pants I have seen that will look good on the golf course, office, a night club, or even the gym. They include a 5 coin pocket style and are well constructed pants with a rubber tape inside to help prevent untucking of the shirt. They have a waterproof rear zipper pocket outlines with reflective tape for are you ready for this nighttime exercise.

They are the ultimate pair of pants and if I had 7 of them, I could wear them each day of the week for any venue.

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They are incredible. The quality, materials, style, and craftsmanship in their offerings are among the best and most versatile in only their second year of operation. They are a company, well done. Sub70 was introduced in the United Kingdom in , and brought to the United States in They describe themselves as a brand that focuses on fit and styling with the use of bold colors that take on a life of their own.

Their selections are modern with an athletic cut and constructed with technical fabrics. In for analysis is the Jacob black and Samual white from Sub Prior to my order, I was informed about the fit of Sub 70 and that I should consider going up a size since my abs are not cut from granite my words, not theirs. The hem at the bottom is straight The Jacob features a double pinstrip accent across the front of the shirt.

Sleeves hang to about mid bicep and are the shortest among the brands in my closet, but certainly not too short. The Samual is a long-sleeve, two pocket shirt with a button down collar. The shirt has black accents that provides contrast that really brings out the look of this shirt. The Jenson Houndstooth and Dalton Black pants were added to complement the shirt selections. If I were to have a pair of pants designed and assembled from scratch, the fit and finish would be a mirror image to the fit and design of Sub Each feature jeans-style pockets which I am noticing is becoming an increasing trend.

They offer nice selections with a european flavor in their styling. But, there is more to Loudmouth than, well, loud. The crazy prints and patterns they produce are obviously not for everyone. The brand is meant to stand out, but not every player wants to draw unnecessary attention to themselves especially if they have trouble getting the ball airborne.

Loudmouth is a quality apparel brand most people shy away from them if they dress more traditional.

But Loudmouth offers a selection of apparel that turns the volume down just a bit and really is a brand everyone can look to for quality garments. First up is the Element Black pants. However, the pants can be paired with almost any shirt you currently have in your closet. They only thing loud about them is the yellow embroidered logo located about the back left pocket.

This pocket is designed as a glove pocket with no button for ease of placement, carry and removal of your glove. The flat front pants are wrinkle free and drape nicely. They fit true to size. They are also available in white. Loudmouth also offers a variety of patternless solid color shirts that can offset their patterned pants. Their wide selection and color pallet will also complement most all of your current pant selection.

They really have some attractive selections and designs that will stack up against any other brand in golf. They drape as smooth as the pants, but you may want to drop down a size if you are more used to taylor fit shirts. In other words, you will no need to go up a size in these for sure. No Loudmouth outfit would be complete without the proper accessories. The Yellow Thunder leather belt complements the shirt perfectly and has a lightening bolt of sorts on the metal buckle. The Loudmouth socks are soft and comfy made from a blend of acrylic, nylon, polyester, and spandex.

They offer a full line of apparel and accessories, including a custom made special order process. Their apparel is routinely found in private golf clubs as well as higher-end daily fee courses like Torrey Pines in La Jolla, CA. They can also be purchased directly from their website which is a convenient option for most.

Filoscozia produces a vivid color pallet, colorfastness, and low pilling, wash after wash. Each shirt is hand cut and sewn just north of Milan, Italy, with meticulous attention to detail. When I got this shirt in-hand, one of the first things I noticed was how remarkably light it was for a cotton shirt. In a large, the sleeves hung to about the center of my elbows, longer than any other short sleeve shirt in my closet. Not unbearably long, just longer than I am used to, as sleeve length has shortened over the past few years.

In fiamme offers a fine Italian made golf shirt that sets itself apart from most in the marketplace today both in materials and construction. The brand has an old world boutique feel to it and is different from what others will be wearing in your foursome.

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Additionally, the shirt can be worn on-course, as well as to the office. IonX is a proprietary process of embedding negative ions into the molecular structure of the fabric during the manufacturing process. EAG believes this process increases your power while this shirt is worn on course.

If you visit their website, they provide a demonstrative video testing the shirt for negative ion activity. I am not going to pretend to be an expert on negative ions. EAG was the first time I have seen it embedded into apparel. The fit of this golf shirt is very true to size with a little room to grow and the sleeves hang just above the elbow. You can confidently order the same size shirt you normally would in Energy Athletic Golf.

These shirts have a ribbed or piped feel across the fabric that is a unique yet pleasant texture. I am unable confirm nor disprove EAG does what it is marketed to do, and I simply do not know if it gave me increased power. This shirt really is comfortable on the body. To my surprise, the fit and feel of this shirt when worn is different and remarkably comfortable, light weight, and appears well constructed. Is it the embedded ions, I have no idea but the claims of it being a comfortable shirt are verified and confirmed.

Increased power or not, I would give this shirt a go based on comfort and fit alone.

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Energy Athletic Golf also offers a 30 day money back guarantee which I rarely see from apparel manufacturers. Stephen writes about apparel and other accessories for MyGolfSpy. Commonly referred to as "The Best Looking Man in Golf", Zinger plays to a 12 handicap on the course, but in the mirror, he's a plus 6.

Forgot the most important reason I got on here…. Wishing everyone…to all of you out there…a very Merry Christmas and wishes for a wonderful happy New Year in ! Any interest in Sligo, out of Canada? They have several Tour players who wear their stuff, and it looks pretty cool to me… Brian Gay, Russell Knox, Graham DeLaet, among others …just wondering….

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Sorry but American brands dont cut it there is only one worth bothering with and thats J Lindeberg , watch Villegas by far the coolest guy out there even if his golf game is a little ropey. No doubt, JL offers a nice line, and I have owned a few pieces. Comparable to Sub70, as far as cut and styling albeit Euro.

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