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Tried to return to Dundalk local store they said I could only return to Navan. We rang the head office who were completely unhelpful and kept repeating their returns policy. I traveled over 90km between buying and returning bottles.

Lovely helpful staff in their Newbridge Store. Clean and well laid out store with a great range of household goods. Great shop to browse around. Very efficient and obliging staff on cash desks. A very pleasant shopping experience alround! Ordered garden furniture, but wrong pieces sent to complete it. Nobody answering customer services phone for two days so I can't get it rectified. I feel like I have been scammed. My only option it seems is to go in store and make a scene about the poor quality goods and customer service.

I strongly recommend people not to buy goods in their online store. Purchased a new kitchen bin, when I got home I realised it was dented at the bottom so I returned with it a couple of days later. Exchange was sorted out promptly and efficiently. Longford store. I recently purchased 3 duvet covers on line. The Offending Jumper.

You see when you see ready made curtains on display in our stores they have been hung by our amazing display team who know all of the tricks of the trade to make them look fantastic. If you read on I can fill you in on the steps to take to make your ready made curtains look amazing. If unlike me you're not naturally a person who loves a good preen or have too much other stuff to do to be ironing curtains then inquire in store about our expert fitting service.

This incredible and innovative company work hard to reduce impact on the environment.

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The yarn they produce with all their hard work is nothing short of amazing, with so many varieties available. Check out their Billie Jean Yarn for example- it's made from up-cycled denim remnants?! We've all been there, you buy something, wear it once and then it sits in your wardrobe for a while before you get rid of it. This brand are all about sustainability and ethically sourced materials. The idea that if you make something yourself, you're more than likely going to treasure it and keep it for longer- maybe even take care of it a little better.

The high quality yarn that Wool And The Gang offer is soft, durable and long lasting- making it great for staple pieces in your wardrobe. They even have video tutorials over on their website, showing you great stitch patterns and techniques. It got such a reaction from people that I ended up taking requests for beanies in Hotpunk Pink and Tweed Grey. Haven't heard of them before? Well, I am delighted to provide you with a little introduction to some of the amazing yarns we are lucky enough to supply to you.

Are you looking for a cosy yarn that will give you great results quickly? Look no further than Crazy Sexy Wool. It's great for beginner and experienced knitters alike. The wool is so chunky that mistakes they happen to the best of us are quickly noticed and easily fixed. The wool used to create this gorgeous yarn is considerably sourced from happy sheep in South America. Natural, renewable, biodegradable and an amazing array of colours to choose from- you will soon be in love. Sustainably produced in the Andean Highlands, supporting Peru's remote Alpaca growing communities, you will feel SO good working with this yarn.

It is light weight, but holds warmth really well with its soft, fluffy finish. The patterns we have available in our Henry St store to pair with this Feeling Good Yarn will make you all the more eager to get creative. Made using up-cycled pre-consumer denim waste, Billie Jean Yarn is produced without the use of chemicals or dyes- which saves 20, litres of water per kilogram of up-cycled material! It has a lovely drape and is perfect for summer knits as a light weight addition to your wardrobe. You can buy patterns for this specific yarn in our Henry St store.

Choosing the right furnishing fabric for your project may seem a bit daunting but if you know a few things before you get started you can choose with confidence. Our furnishing fabrics will be marked with either UPH upholstery weight or CTN curtain weight - these are divided into 2 separate categories online.

What do they mean? You can generally use curtain fabrics for cushions also, some heavier cottons I would even say you could use for kitchen chairs etc as they can be spot cleaned but they will not last as long as a fabric that is designated upholstery. Most fabrics you see will be some sort of mix of the above fabrics giving them slightly different attributes.

Generally if you see a mix, you will be getting the best attributes of the fabrics listed rolled into one. I hope you can shop more confidently knowing more about these fabrics, trust your eye, choose what you love first and then have a good look at the composition and care to see if it is suitable for your project. If you want further help you can ask out experts in store who will be happy to advise you. Oilcloth has come a long way from when your granny had the terracotta teapots on her kitchen table.

I dare to say it is downright cool with some fresh and funky designs available along with the more classic styles. Shop our trendy range of Oilcloths now. Let me confess something to you - I am not a dressmaker - I am generally crafty, knit more than I sew and I'll always run up a pair of curtains and a few cushions. I have even been known to quilt on occasion but when it comes to straight up dressmaking I find the whole thing a bit intimidating.

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I'm just not a great pattern follower - I tend to skip the instructions when reading a pattern and plod along only to realise halfway through that I have forgotten something vital. I have realised the reason for this is a somewhat short attention span and an assumption that they're probably being overly fussy and there's definitely a quicker way to do it. I am that monster that walks against the yellow lines in IKEA because I'm convinced I have found a more efficient way around it.

I have recently started to challenge myself to follow patterns properly and have had some success - no doubt I'll update you in some future blog - but until then let me show you the perfect project for those impatient souls among you who just want a new dress! The secret to this easy sew project is plisse fabric - this is the most beautiful type of fabric - it's usually fairly lightweight and has tiny pleats the entire width and I am slightly obsessed with it!

Don't be afraid of it -it will flatten out in parts when you sew but just don't stretch it as you're stitching and certainly don't iron it and all will be well. Let me show you how to make a super simple skirt and an easy peasy dress and I swear to you I had both run up in less than an hour, from thinking about how to do it to the finished product. When you get your fabric it will be double folded with the pleats running across the width like this:. The next step is just a bit of shaping to give the skirt slightly less fullness at the hips - and who needs anything extra there?

Next with right sides facing, using a straight stitch and a 1cm seam allowance throughout - sew up the 2 sides of the skirt. Then you want to make the waistband by making a channel for the elastic - with the wrong side facing you turn down the top by 25mm 1" - sew all the way around leaving a gap of about 25mm 1" when you get to the end - then stick a safety pin through the end of your elastic and use this to thread it through the waistband. When you get to the end, pull both ends through and stitch together.

Then stitch up the gap in the fabric. Try on the skirt and cut the length if desired - it doesn't need hemming but if you do this you may want to reinforce the last inch of stitching on the side hems. Ta Da!!! Lay out your fabric with the pleats running down, then mark the halfway point and cut up the length of the fabric leaving you with 2 pieces.

With right sides facing, pin at 28cm from the top on both sides, stitch up to this point, using a 1cm seam allowance throughout - this will be your armholes, this will be for size , smaller make it 26cm and larger go for 30cm. Now for the neckhole - make it 30cm wide for size , 28 cm for smaller and 32 cm for larger. Simply mark with pins evenly across the top and stitch to this point with a 1. That's basically it, turn the right way around trim any threads, as in the skirt you can simply cut to desired length, reinforcing the side hems at the bottom if you do.

For the lighter plisse fabrics the neckline just naturally folds itself under but for the heavier one like this one with metallic finish you may want to hand stitch the neck seam down so it sits well.

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Et Voila! This was all so easy that I got a little carried away and now Lauren and I have an entirely new plisse wardrobe! Looking Fun and Flirty! Our Edgy Model Look! Turn your little hero into a Superhero with these quick and simple no sew capes and masks. Sign up to our email newsletter for advance notice of sales and promotions. You can unsubscribe at any time and check our Privacy Policy here.

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What do these mean and why do you pick one over another? Beginners Guide to Wave Curtains. How to Put Up a Curtain Pole. A good rule of thumb is For pencil pleat: The top of the curtain is at the bottom of the bracket For eyelet: The top of the curtain is at the top of the bracket Hold your bracket up to the line and mark the screw holes with a pencil. Measure the distance from the floor to these marks and make a note of it.

Speak to your local DIY store about this as they are the experts! Next screw in your brackets into the plugs. Place your pole on top of the brackets and tighten using the screws on the bracket. Beginners Guide to Bay Window Styling. Beginners Guide to Knitting Wool. So what does this all mean for you when choosing your yarn?